How do I process eRx (e-Prescribing) refill requests?

Processing refill requests from the Tasks section
Once you start e-prescribing in Practice Fusion, pharmacies will send you refill requests directly to your EHR. All refill requests can be found in your Tasks list. select the Refill Request tab. You can filter to see the requests assigned to you. While all staff members can view refill requests in Refill Requests, only the original prescriber can approve or deny refill requests at this time.

Approving a refill
To process a refill request, select Review from your Task List. The system will find the appropriate patient, you will simply need to select Assign. You may then proceed to review the refill to ensure that all information is correct. Although you may send a custom note using the Note to pharmacy field, this field should not contain redundant or conflicting information that has already been entered as part of the prescription. Once you have reviewed the request, click Approve or Deny.

To protect your patient’s safety, Practice Fusion will show you new drug interaction alerts based on recent changes to the patient’s medication list.  If no alerts are detected you will be able to complete the refill without the following steps.

Changing the number of refills in your Refill Request
In your refill request, you have the option to either confirm or update the Number of Refills, then click Approve. The refill will be sent to the pharmacy and will be recorded in the patient’s Timeline.

Denying a refill
There are some instances in which you’ll deny a refill. These instances include when the script has already been refilled by phone or fax or when the patient needs an appointment before a refill is provided. To deny a request, select the refill in the Tasks list, select a reason for denial and click Deny.

There are other instances in which you receive refill request but you need to write a new script. These instances may include when you want to modify the dose or quantity, or if the refill request is for a controlled substance. In this case, select the option, ‘Deny, script to follow’ (see screenshot below), then create the script order in the patient’s chart and e-prescribe, print, or hand write the script.



(Note: If the “Deny Refill, New to Follow” option is selected, most pharmacies' software will push this new request to the top of their queue so that patients waiting for a refill will not have to wait long)


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