How do I manually enter lab or imaging results?

Note: Access to the EHR features described in this article may differ for practices who have already purchased a Practice Fusion EHR subscription plan. Please contact Practice Fusion Customer Service for additional information.

Manually entered lab/imaging results can be added to the EHR, associated with an order, shared in the PHR and included in Meaningful Use requirements. This feature will allow you to select a variety of test options, and, if the tests exist in our database, we will pre-populate result items. Manually entered lab/imaging results allow you to add attachments directly to these results. 

To begin using this feature, please login to your EHR and navigate to a patient’s chart. 

To enter lab/imaging results while navigating within the patient chart, select Actions and choose “Enter Lab Results” or "Enter imaging results"

You will land in the New Result tab

Select a lab or imaging center, and assign to a provider. If you ordered a test through the EHR you can input the Order Number in the field and it will pre-populate this section with tests that you ordered. You may also add a vendor name, accession number and comments to this manually entered result. 

In addition to adding the test results you can also upload attachments to the individual results. These attachments will display when you view this patients test results.

Input the tests that you would like to record in the Add a test field. If you know the LOINC code associated with the lab result, you may enter it here to bring up the test. Alternatively, you can search by the test name associated with the lab order. When you begin typing, the EHR will display potential test options that we have in our library. If the test is not available you have the option of creating a custom test. 

Upon selecting your test, a table will display which is where you will input the results. The fields include: 
  • Observation
  • Result
  • Units
  • Flag
  • Result date
  • Status
  • PHR (toggle on/off) 
  • Signed

If you click the arrow to the left of the Observation you may add more information to this result. You can add vendor notes, provider comments and even add Diagnoses.

You can add several Observations to a given test by selecting the Add new observation button.  Once you have completed the result, please be sure to select save in the top right hand corner.  As with results received from a lab, you are able to edit, print, delete, send to the PHR, remove from the PHR, and send a message directly from a manual result. 


Where do I find this result?
All results (manual and received from a bound lab or imaging center) will be listed in the Tasks list. You can also find the result in the Patient’s Timeline by selecting Results from the dropdown. This is where the results will live before and after they are signed.

All results (manual and otherwise) will also be listed in the Tasks list. From the Tasks list you can reassign results to be signed or click Review lab result and edit them.

How do I assign the result to a different patient? 
Please see this thread for the specific workflow: How do I assign a lab result to a patient? 

How do I send a message from a lab result? 
Please see this thread for the specific workflow: How do I send a message from a lab result?

Why do I not have the option to sign the result? 
If you have added a test, but have not added any results and completed the fields, the EHR will recognize it is incomplete, and require you complete the remaining fields prior to signing the test result. 

Can I delete a manually entered result if it has not been signed? 
Yes. You can delete and unsigned result. When you are in the Result, select the Actions Menu. You will have a variety of options, including Send all to PHR, Remove all from PHR, Print, and Delete. .

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