What is the status of my lab or imaging integration request?

If you have previously signed up for lab integration, please be assured that we are aware of your submission and will turn on lab integration for you as soon as we can. Do not create a duplicate request, as it only causes confusion and delays in the process.  When we receive your request for an integration with a lab or imaging center, we forward it to the company on your behalf as soon as we receive it. Each company has their own internal process for reviewing and approving new integration requests.

We try to complete integration requests as quickly as possible, but they can vary in length of time, often depending on the lab itself. Practice Fusion will notify you via email once your lab or imaging integration is complete.  The average time-frame for completed integration is generally between 3-6 weeks if approved.  However, some partners take longer.  We recommend contacting your lab or imaging center representative directly to check the status and to see if your integration can be expedited.

You may also check your Practice Dashboard to determine the current state of your request. If you have submitted a Lab or Imaging requests and they are being processed, your dashboard will display one of the tiles below:

Imaging centers and Labs pending approval

Imaging centers and Labs added to the EHR

How do I find my Lab or Imaging account number?

  • Review the top section of your paper lab request/requisition form, or a recent lab result. The account number is typically visible in this section.

  • Reach out  to your lab or imaging center representative.

  • In any instance where there is not an account number, you may enter the NPI of the provider that is requesting integration in the account number field.

How can I suggest a Lab or Imaging Center for Practice Fusion to connect with?

You can suggest a new Lab or Imaging Center from two sections the EHR:

  • Select the Connect labs or Connect imaging centers button within the Tasks section

  • Select the Labs or Imaging Centers tile on your Practice Dashboard.

You can then click Suggest a lab/imaging center. Once you have provided all of the information for the lab or imaging center, our team will reach out in attempt to establish a connection.

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