How can I connect to imaging centers?

Practice Fusion provides integration to imaging centers nationwide, allowing you to receive radiology reports directly in your EHR. If you don’t see your imaging center of choice, let us know and we’ll work to integrate them. We’re rapidly connecting new imaging centers across the country to better serve all our doctors’ needs.

You can sign up to connect with your imaging center directly within your EHR. To get started, open your Practice Dashboard and choose the “Imaging Centers” tile.

You may then proceed to search for imaging centers in your area. You may search by name, and/or zip code and then refine your search using the filters on the left hand sidebar. 

Once you have found your imaging center, select the blue “Add” button

Provide us with your imaging center account number or your NPI and we’ll do the legwork to connect your account. Once you're integrated, you’ll receive images and radiologist's notes automatically in the Tasks section of your EHR.

You can also place imaging orders online, allowing you to stop the manual documentation associated with printing and faxing, while providing your staff with a holistic view of your patient’s health record. For more information, please see: How do I create or add an imaging order?

Frequently Asked Questions 

I've submitted my integration request but have not yet been connected- who can I contact?
For status updates on your request, you will need to contact your imaging representative directly. Approval or denial of a request is determined by each imaging center. If you're unaware who your imaging representative is, you should contact your imaging center directly- they'll have the ability to provide you with your representative's contact information. 

How soon after submitting my request, should I expect to be contacted by my imaging center?
The average time frame for our imaging partners to provide an approval or denial answer is within 2 weeks. However, some larger imaging centers can take longer.

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