How do I sign up for a lab integration?

How do I sign up for labs?

You can sign up for lab integration within your EHR by opening your Practice Dashboard and selecting the Labs tile.

On the sign up window, you may search for your lab using the Search by field on the left-hand side.

The default search option is to search for labs by zip code. You can alter the following search criteria:

  • Lab name

  • The type of tests that lab performs

  • Choose a lab that has a Service Center in your area, has and/or a lab that has in your area

  • Courier Services

  • Mail services

  • You can use the Specimen Collection type check boxes to the left to filter searches

  • Choose lab that have electronic results and or labs that have electronic orders

  • Search Radius (in miles) will default to a 25 mile radius. You can choose between 5-100 Miles.

  • Filter by Approval rating (the approval rating is the percent of electronic connection requests approved by the lab)

Please note that many labs will appear that list the connection type as "Paper Orders" and "Paper results." These labs are eligible for full electronic integration, but aren't currently integrated with Practice Fusion. These will allow you to add these non-integrated labs into your account for seamless (and paperless) record-keeping with labs that are not electronically sending and receiving results. For more information on this workflow, please see this thread: How do I add or create a lab order?

After locating your lab, you may select the lab name or click the Add button to the right of the lab details.

This will bring you to a screen where you either input your account information for a lab (if you already have an account) or you can request a new account to start doing business with that partner. 

To submit your request, click one of the three options: Connect account, Request assistance, or Request account.

You will be brought to a confirmation page indicating that your requests have been submitted. We encourage all users to watch the video at the end of the lab sign up process to ensure that you know what to expect from us, and what actions need to be taken during this process. Your information will be sent to us and we'll begin integrating your accounts.

Please do not submit a request for the same lab multiple times.  If you have previously signed up for lab integration, be assured that we are aware of your submission and will turn on lab integration for you as soon as we can. When we receive your request for a integration with a lab or imaging center, we forward it to the company on your behalf as soon as we receive it. Each company has their own internal process for reviewing and approving new integration requests. 

We try to complete integration requests as quickly as possible, but they can vary in length of time, often depending on the partner itself.  Practice Fusion will notify you via email once your lab or imaging integration is complete.  The average time-frame for completed integration is generally between 3-6 weeks if approved. However, some partners may take longer.  We recommend contacting your lab or imaging representative directly to check the status and to see if your integration can be expedited. 

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