How do I retrieve a referral as a Practice Fusion provider?

Practice Fusion allows you to communicate with providers outside of your practice quickly and securely. If you have an existing Practice Fusion account, you can review a referral sent to you by another Practice Fusion provider by following the instructions below.

1. Navigate to the Messages section of your EHR and select the Referrals tab.

2. All referrals will be listed. You may filter by:

  • Incoming/archived incoming referrals

  • Outgoing/archived outgoing referrals

  • Provider

  • Patient

3. Click See details to view the full referral details

4.  Review patient and referring provider details and referral message. You can review the referral attachments within the EHR, or download and print them. If applicable, click Reply to send a message to the referring provider. To archive the referral, click the down arrow and select Archive.

5. You can also review the referral, patient information, and attachments by navigating to the Inbox tab of your Messages section.  To review the entire referral, select See referral.

Retrieving a referral sent by email or fax

If you receive a notification of a pending referral by fax or email from another Practice Fusion provider that was not sent through the Practice Fusion network, you can claim the referral from within your existing Practice Fusion account.

1. From the Referrals tab, click the Actions menu in the top right and select Retrieve referral with referral access code.

2. Enter the unique referral access code listed in the fax or email notification.

3. The referral will then be accessible at any time from your Referrals tab.

Non-Practice Fusion Providers

If you don’t have a Practice Fusion account yet but received a referral from someone on our network, follow the link in the email you received to navigate to our platform. For more information, see: How do I retrieve a referral if I am not currently using Practice Fusion?

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