How do I manage message settings?

Message settings allow administrators to set the practice-wide behavior for archiving group messages and attaching messages to patient charts. These settings can be accessed from all tabs in the Messages section and within the EHR Settings.

Messages about patients
If this setting has been enabled, all messages “regarding a patient” or exchanged with a patient  through Patient Fusion (PHR) will automatically be included in the patient’s chart. Any message that is has been added to the patient chart will display under the patient's Summary.

You also have the option to exclude a message from the patient’s chart on a message-by-message basis. When composing a message, you can check or uncheck the Add to chart box.

For more information about where to find messages associated with a patient, click here.

Archive group messages
Note: This feature will be available to all practices over the next few weeks.

This setting allows administrators to determine if group messages will be archived for all participants on the thread once the first user archives the message. This setting is turned on by default. If the administrator disables this feature, messages will be archived only for the individual user who archives the message going forward.

Please note that if this setting is disabled and a participant on a thread archives a message, the message will be moved to the participants inbox once the setting is re-enabled.

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