How does a patient register for their Patient Fusion portal (PHR)?

1. After you invite your patient (or their authorized representative) to access their patient portal (PHR), they will receive a registration email to the email address on file with your office. They can then register on their computer or a mobile device. 


2. After clicking the Access your records button, the patient (or their representative) will be able to choose if they want to enter the PIN from the doctor or request a mobile security code with their phone (via text or voice). 


3. They will then either have to verify their identity using their date of birth (in MM/DD/YYYY format) and the PIN you provided them or the phone number you have recorded in their record (this can be edited in the Patient portal access window by clicking the Patient Portal enrollment status in their chart header).


4. After verifying their identity, they will have the choice to link the records to an existing Patient Fusion account of theirs or create a new account. Linking an existing account allows them to view records from multiple providers and, if they are authorized, the records of other individuals, such as their children, with one account. 



5. If the patient or authorized representative chooses to create a new account, they will select and answer a security question, and create a username and password. Their default username will be pre-populated as the patient's email address or most recent username. Please keep in mind at this point they have the ability to alter their username. If they receive the error message "Username has already been taken," they will need to alter their username.

Passwords should be a minimum of 8 characters and should contain one uppercase letter and a number or symbol.


At this point, the patient will be logged in to their account, where they can access their health records. The patient will see any diagnoses, medications, immunizations, allergies, procedures or care plans you have recorded as structured information, as well as any lab results you have explicitly shared with them and upcoming or past appointments. The content of your chart notes will not be shared.

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