How do I get a Patient Fusion Online Scheduling Profile?

With seamless scheduling linked directly in your EHR workflow, Patient Fusion online scheduling allows you to find new patients with no added hassle. In order to receive an Online Booking Page, you will either need to be eRx-enabled or complete the identity verification process.

Verification through eRx (e-prescribing) enablement

All providers who have been enabled for e-prescribing can opt-in to publishing an Online Profile.

1.  From your Practice Dashboard, select Set up e-Prescribing on the e-Prescribing tile.

2. Complete the eRx (e-prescribing) sign-up process. For detailed instructions, please see: How do I sign up for e-Prescribing?

3. Once your e-prescribing has been enabled, navigate to your EHR Settings and select Users. Then, select your name from the list of users.

4. Toggle your Online profile status to On.


Online Profile Verification

Providers who are not enabled for e-prescribing can request an Online Booking Page by completing the identity verification process with either:

  • Social Security Number (SSN); or

  • Credit card number

Note: If you plan to sign up for e-prescribing at a later time, you will also need to complete the e-prescribing verification process at that time.

1. Select the Online Profile tile from your Practice Dashboard.

2. Click Get Started to begin the identity verification process.

3a. Provide your personal information. You may choose to verify your identity by either:

  • Social Security Number (SSN)


  • Credit card number


3b. If you have a credit file security freeze, you will be prompted to enter a PIN provided by Experian to look up your file. Click the Learn more link or call Experian at 1-888-397-3742 for instructions on receiving your PIN.

4. Complete the multiple choice questions presented to you.

5. Enter the following information and click Continue:

  • Medical license information

  • Personal NPI number

  • Home address

6. Our support team will verify your medical credentials and notify you by email as soon as your Online Profile is available. In the meantime, you can begin configuring your Online Profile by clicking Set up profile.

7. Once your credentials have been approved, the status on your Online profile tile will change to Finish online profile

8. To confirm your profile settings, navigate to your EHR Settings and select Users. Then, select your name from the list of users.

9. Toggle your Online profile status to On.

Editing your Online Profile

You may update your Online Profile at any time by:

  • Selecting the Online profile tile on your Dashboard

  • Navigating to Settings and selecting your name from the Users list

For more information, please see:


What credit card can I use to verify my identity?

This must be a personal credit card, and not a debit or corporate card number. Ensure this credit card is a frequently-used credit card with a billing address that matches your home address. Your credit card will not be charged and will not be saved.

Why do I need to enter this information to sign up for an Online Booking Page?

It is necessary to include security protocols to ensure that the services are only accessed by authorized health care professionals.

Why do I need to provide my DOB or SSN?

Entering your DOB and either your SSN or credit card number is necessary in order to run an Experian identification check, which will electronically verify your identity by asking you questions based on your credit history. This is a secure Experian service to help authenticate the identity of every client who uses our website.

Does Practice Fusion store information I've entered related to credit history?

No, this information is only used to verify your identity and will not be stored by Practice Fusion.

What credit card information is required when completing the credit card identity verification process?

You are required to enter the last eight digits of your credit card number. No expiration date or CVV is required.

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