How can I help a patient troubleshoot patient portal login issues?

If a patient has already registered for their patient portal account and is experiencing login difficulty, you can help them with the following troubleshooting steps:

Confirm the patient's username
The default username is the email address used to grant the patient access to the patient portal, though patients have the option to select a new username during the registration process. You may locate the email address used to enroll them in two locations of the patient chart.

1. From the Actions drop down, select
Invite to patient portal

2. From the patient's enrollment status at the top of their chart
Note: If the patient has completed the registration process, the status will be "Enrolled."

When accessing through either method, the Patient portal access window will appear. The email address used to enroll the patient will be listed below their name.

Help the patient reset their password

After confirming their email address (which may serve as their username), the patient may reset their password. Note: If they selected a new username during the registration process and are not able to remember it, they can complete the username retrieval process from the login screen by selecting 'Forgot username?'.

1. Visit and click Forgot password?

2. Enter their username and click Reset Password

3. A password reset email will be sent to the email address associated with their patient portal account. The email will be sent from If they're having trouble locating their email, they can try searching their inbox or spam folder for Once they've located their email, they will need to click the Reset password link in their email.

4. Select the preferred password reset method. They have the option to either:

  • Answer their security question by inputting their date of birth and security answer. An important thing to note when submitting these answers is the date of birth format. The format of the birth date will be YYYYMMDD without spaces.

  • Request their security code via mobile by inputting their phone number. A security code will then be delivered to them by Text or Voice (the code will be 5 numeric digits). Next, they will need to enter their code in the Security Code field and select CheckNote: It takes approximately 2 minutes to receive the code.

5. Choose a new password.

6. The patient will be returned to the login page. They may enter their username and new password to log in to their account.

For a full walk through of the patient portal registration process, please see: How does a patient register for their Patient Fusion portal ?

If your patient is encountering an error message when attempting to register for their patient portal account, please see #5 here.

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