How do I search for and publish templates?

The template library allows you to quickly find templates that work for your specialty from our expert community, then customize them for your practice. You can also share your knowledge by publishing your own templates to the provider community. 

Searching for templates in the Community  
To search the template community library select the Community button within templates. The community search will default to your specialty and will search for templates that have been assigned to your specialty. You may also search through other specialties by making a selection from the drop down menu. 

You may narrow your search by using keywords, titles, or specific line items within a template.To do this input text into the search field. Alternatively, you can sort alphabetically, by most used, templates that have been created by Practice Fusion, or by rating.

The community search will sort the findings by the number of ratings, the rating itself, and the number of users who have saved a copy of the template. By doing this, more popular, reliable templates will make their way to the top of your search. 

When you create your own custom template, you may keep it private in your library or you can select the Publish button and share it with the provider community. When you share a Template with the community it will be available to any Practice Fusion EHR user to save and use. 

Before publishing your template please be sure that you have given your template a proper title and template description to optimize the search functionality. 

Once you are ready to publish the template to the Practice Fusion community you can select the Publish button on the top right of your EHR screen. You will be prompted to confirm that you understand that you are making this publicly available and other users can save copies of your templates.

Once published, users may select your published template and “Save a Copy" to their Library. Users can also rate published templates. Published templates will be displayed in the community with the specialty, authors name, the number of users who have saved a copy, the rating and the number of ratings that have been conducted.

If, after publishing a template, you would like to make changes (ie. edit/add/delete line items, reorder line items) and push them out to other users, you can Publish updates to the community. The changes made will be updated in the provider community. Please note, that any user who previously saved a copy of your template will have to go back into the template community and Save a Copy again in order to view the updates that you made.


How do I unpublish templates that I no longer want available to the provider community? 
To unpublish a template that you have published to the template provider community, go into My Templates and select the template that you would like to unpublish. Once the template opens you will see a orange drop down arrow to the right of the Save button. Select the drop down arrow and select Unpublish. Once you have selected Unpublish the template will no longer display in the the provider community and users will no longer be able to Save a Copy to their template library. 

After Saving a Copy of another provider’s template can I edit the template to better suite my practice’s needs? 
Yes. When you Save a Copy of a template to your My Library you are free to edit the template line items and title as you choose. 

What if I see a template with PHI or with inappropriate material? Can I report it? 
Yes. If you see a template that you feel needs to be removed, please click into the template and select the Actions button on the top right. Then choose Flag as Inappropriate


Can I still share my templates? 
Yes! For instructions on sharing templates with other members of your practice, please see: How do I share templates with users in my practice?

For more information on how to save a template to your "My Templates" tab, please see this thread: How can I save a template to My templates? 

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