How do I create new templates and edit existing templates?

Save time setting up your EHR and start charting faster using Practice Fusion's Template Library. You can create and edit templates to meet your specific needs. Within your Template Library, you can:

  • Create and customize new templates

  • Add and edit line items with rich text editing and patient information shortcuts

  • Create charting shortcuts

  • Edit, reorder, and delete existing templates

To access the Template Library, navigate to your Practice Dashboard and choose the Templates tile. You will be directed to your Template Library and the Template Community. You may also access your templates by clicking Settings in the upper right-hand corner of your EHR and selecting Charting Templates.

Create a new template or edit an existing template

Within your Template Library, you will see a Create template button on the right hand side. When selecting Create template, you will be prompted to name your custom template and add line items.

To edit an existing template, simply select the template that you would like to edit from your template library. Click into the field that you would like to edit and modify the text. You can then modify template details and line items.

Add or edit template details (e.g. title)

To change the template title, you must first open the template. Edit the Name field under the Details section towards the top of the template.

Edit existing line items in your template

You can edit a template line item at any time by simply clicking on the text.

Add line items to your template

You can add a template line item by selecting the Add template item button within the Subjective, Objective, Assessment, or Plan section.

You can include rich text formatting that will be retained when using the line item in an encounter. When creating your line item, you have the ability to:

  • Add headers

  • Integrate paragraph styling

  • Bold and italicize text

  • Adjust centering and indentation

For more information about rich text editing, please see: How do I use rich text editing when charting my encounters?

Additionally, patient information can be incorporated into your template line items with shortcuts such as {dob} or {age} to dynamically populate this information when the line item is used in an encounter. Use the Add patient info drop-down menu to add these shortcuts to your line item.

Add charting shortcuts

We’re excited to introduce charting shortcuts that will allow you to complete your encounters faster. Charting shortcuts can be added to new and existing templates, and can be applied to an entire template or to individual template line items. Once you have created a shortcut, simply type the shortcut into your encounter and hit Enter on your keyboard to quickly populate the entire template or line item.

To add a shortcut to an whole template, enter a Template Shortcut in the template Details. When charting an encounter, the entire template will populate when you type your template shortcut. Note: Please enter  “..” before the shortcut name (e.g. ..GPE) when charting to activate the shortcut.

To add a shortcut to an individual template line item, complete the Item Shortcut field.  When charting an encounter, the line will populate when you type your template shortcut. Note: Please enter  “.” before the shortcut name (e.g. .head) when charting to activate the shortcut.

Reorder the line items in your template

To reorder line items, select the 4 horizontal lines to the left of the line item and drag it to the preferred location in your template. Please note that you cannot drag a line item from one section of a SOAP note to another (ie. from the S section to the O section).

Delete line items from your template

To delete line items select the "X" to the right of the line item. The system will prompt a confirmation that you want to delete that line item.

How to save templates

Once you have created or edited your template, click Save in the top right corner. If you attempt to navigate away from the template in the EHR prior to saving, the system will prompt you to save your changes.

The Publish feature makes your template searchable in the Template Community. Learn more about the Template Community here: How do I search for and publish templates?

For additional information about charting templates, please see:

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