How can I save a template to my template library?

The Template Community allows you to search through a variety of templates provided by experts in the field. 

If you find a template that you would like to save to your My templates  from the Community tab, you can do so by clicking Save a copy from the top right above the template. This will save the template to your My templates tab. 

Once you have saved a copy of the template to your library you can edit the template and customize it to fit into your workflow. You can edit line items, reorder line items, add line items, modify the description or the title. Please see this post for more information on editing existing templates: How do I create new templates and edit existing templates?

Be sure to save your settings if you made any changes to the template. *Note if you navigate to another portion of the EHR before saving your changes you will be prompted to save. 

To learn more about the Template Community, see this post: How do I search for and publish templates?

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