What information can I share with patients from an encounter?

From within an encounter, you can share information with your patients about their care and follow up plans. 

Care Plan 
This information is shared exactly as entered in the form of free-text in the PHR, and is only shared after your note has been signed. 

You'll notice that within encounter, a notification will alert you that the free-text entered in this section will be shared with your patient via the PHR. 

Simply record your care plans and instructions, and that text will automatically be available to patients after your note has been signed.

The patient will then have the opportunity to view this information directly within their Patient Fusion account. To do this, they'll need to click the Health Records section and select the Care Plans tab. 

Please note, it is not required to enter information in the Care plan section of the new screen.

Additionally, many of the Screenings/Interventions/Assessments that you document in the chart note may also be shared with your patient. See the full list of items that will be shared via the patient portal.

Your patients can review documented screenings/interventions/assessments within the Procedures section of the patient portal.

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