How do I enable a patient in Patient Fusion (patient portal)?

Practice Fusion has a built-in patient portal - Patient Fusion - which allows patients to electronically access their medical records. Available information includes the patient's medication list, diagnostic history, allergies, immunizations, and appointments (past and upcoming). In addition, you can elect to share some structured lab results.

You can enroll patients from two places within the chart:

1. At the top of the patient's chart you will see the patient portal enrollment status.

2. From the Actions button in the top-right corner of the chart.

The email and phone number will auto-populate from the patient's Profile, but you may edit or change these if needed. When ready to invite, click Invite to patient portal.

You will be prompted to confirm your invite and click Invite.

Patient's PIN
Once you enroll the patient, he or she will receive a registration email containing a link to create their Patient Fusion account. In addition, he or she will need one of the following to complete their registration:
  • PIN: The PIN is automatically generated when a patient is invited to the patient portal, and will be listed in the Access code column. Note that this PIN is not sent in the email message for security purposes. You'll need to provide this to the patient during the visit.
  • Phone number: Alternatively, patients can enter their phone number and receive a security code to verify their identity. Read more about how a patient can register for Patient Fusion here.
Lost PINs
In the event that the patient loses their PIN, you may locate it within their chart by clicking on the Patient Poral enrollment status at the top of their chart. The PIN will be listed under the Access code column. Alternatively, patients can enter their phone number to verify their identity when registering for the patient portal. Read detailed information about how a patient can register for Patient Fusion here.

Resend a patient portal invitation
In the event a patient cannot locate their registration email, you can resend the invitation.

Reset a patient portal account

In the event that you need to reset a patient's account (i.e you've updated a patient's name, DOB, or phone number) prior to them completing registration, click on the Patient Poral enrollment status at the top of their chart. Then, click Cancel invite. You can then re-enter the patient’s information and select Invite. This will generate a new registration email and registration PIN.

If the patient has already registered their account and you wish to revoke access, select Revoke access.

PHR Invite Tab
As a practice administrator, you can control which users in your practice have the ability to enroll patients in the patient portal via the Patient Portal Access (shown above) and which users will permit the auto-invite feature when chart notes are signed. Only an administrator can edit the Manage Patient Access to Patient Fusion (PHR) invite settings, as indicated by the lock icon. However, all users can view their settings in read-only format. Please contact your administrator if you’d like to enable these settings.
Patient portal registration
For detailed information on the registration process from the patient perspective, please see How does a patient register for the Patient Fusion patient portal (PHR)?

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