How do I locate, select, or change a pharmacy for eRx (e-Prescribing)?

Once you've been activated for e-Prescribing, you'll be able to electronically submit prescriptions to the pharmacy of your patient's choice. Only the individual user that has been enabled for e-Prescribing will be able select the pharmacy and submit e-scripts.

How to search for a pharmacy:

1. From the Order Summary, click Select a pharmacy.

If you have previously sent an e-prescription for this patient, you can select a new pharmacy by clicking on the selected pharmacy name or the pencil icon to the right.

2. To select from the patient’s historical pharmacy list, click the blue tab on the left side of the Summary window to expand the fly-out pane.

3. Using a basic search, you can filter by:

  • Pharmacy type

  • Pharmacy name

  • Pharmacy zip code

4. Click Additional search options to filter by:

  • Address

  • State

  • City

  • Phone number

  • Acceptance of controlled substances

  • Pharmacy hours

You may also choose to search for pharmacies near the facility address or patient address.

5. After reviewing the search results, click Select to assign a pharmacy to the order. You can also select Map to view a pharmacy’s location in relation to the patient’s address or the facility address.

Tips for better pharmacy search:
  • We recommend searching for a pharmacy by zip code only; this will broaden your search and increase the likelihood of seeing the pharmacy.

  • When searching for a pharmacy, it is best to use broad search criteria in order to get accurate results.

  • Many pharmacies have particular spelling that won't be matched by a general search. For these reasons, we recommend leaving the Name, Street, and Phone fields empty and searching the database of over 65,000 pharmacies by zip code.

  • If the zip code isn't known, you can search by city and state or use a 3rd party search engine to locate the pharmacy's zip code.The specific address, e.g. 123 S. Main Street, may not match exactly how the pharmacy appears in the system.

  • A common pitfall when searching for a Wal-Mart pharmacy is to type Walmart instead of Wal-Mart. Try searching instead for the first word, wal.

  • The list of pharmacies available for e-Prescribing is actually managed and maintained by SureScripts. Because pharmacies are constantly being added and removed from the list, they do not offer a list. The best place to find pharmacies is through the Pharmacy search tool, available when e-Prescribing.

For additional instructions, please see: How do I send an eRx (e-Prescription)?


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