What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

SEO basics 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a major component and function of all websites. In brief: SEO is a process in which website structure and content is enhanced so that it will appear better in search engine (e.g. Google) results. 

Some basics of SEO include the text on the page, the additional media, links to and from the page, and other elements. More technical aspects include the site navigation, metadata (content viewable only by machines), and even the web address itself. 

This last item is a major upgrade we’re improving very soon. The new web address - or URL - will include the provider name and additional information about the practice. This seemingly small change will help search engines identify the page’s content, which will help improve the search results rank of your page. To translate: better search results rank means more visibility on the web and more people finding your page. 

What this means for you and your practice? 

You should add content and keep your profile updated. This includes adding a photo and Biography and keeping your schedule up-to-date. The more current information you have,  the higher you will rank in search results. This is true both for search engines as well as within patientfusion.com search results.

Patient Fusion

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