My Dashboard is at 100% but cannot be dismissed

The progress bar that you see on the Practice Dashboard relates to the screens that could pop up during the login process if you haven't interacted with them in a positive manner (meaning you haven't "finished" the screen or indicated that the screen does not apply to your practice). There is a finite number of those screens and if your progress bar is showing 100%, you have completed all of the screens that currently exist. (You can find a list of those screens in the "Completed" section of the Practice Dashboard if you scroll down a bit in that window.)

The screen where you are currently seeing the progress bar (showing at 100% complete) is what we call the Practice Dashboard. This screen will continue to be displayed to Edit Level 3 and Admin users of the practice upon each login, even after the progress bar shows 100%. Why is this the case? Well, the Practice Dashboard allows you to interact with certain parts of your EHR and, over time, will begin to contain more dynamic, everyday information and interactions such as displaying how many messages you currently have in your inbox, who they are from, and allow you to click on a specific message and view it right from the Practice Dashboard. You may also be able to do other certain, specific tasks such as quickly approve a refill request and see how many other requests are waiting for your approval. Do keep in mind these are just potential ideas we are investigating and might not make the final product when we release updates in the future. We are committed to making the Practice Dashboard a much more usable and interactive location that you will want to visit throughout each workday.

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