Why are my appointment times off in the scheduler?

Why are my appointment times off in the scheduler? 

Your appointment times are off in the scheduler because Practice Fusion’s scheduler syncs to the date, time and time zone on your computer. If your computer is showing the correct hour, but the time zone is incorrect, your appointments could also appear incorrectly on your schedule. 

To verify your time zone settings:

Windows 7: 
Click the system clock, then choose Change date and time settings.

Windows 8: 
Click Control Panel from the displayed list.

Choose General Option under Control Panel.

Then, select the desired time zone from the Time Zone dropdown menu.

Windows 10
Open the Control Panel by searching the Windows menu and select Change date, time or number formats.

Select Change the time zone , then Change time zone again.

Select the correct time zone from the drop-down menu, then click OK.

Mac OS X: 
Click the time in the menu bar, then choose Open Date & Time. Then adjust the time zone in the drop down menu. 


Once your settings have been adjusted on your computer, log out and back into your account so it can sync properly with your new settings. 

Please see the link below for further details on adjusting your time settings on Windows. 

Windows Time Settings

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