What emails are sent to patients?

Patient email communications are sent on the provider’s behalf to notify patients of specific events like upcoming appointments, PHR enrollments and updates on patient tools, e.g. the PHR. These messages are designed to help facilitate communication and patient engagement without causing more work for your practice. Patients can unsubscribe from these messages at any time.

For details on each message, see below.

Appointment reminders
Appointment reminders are sent to a patient’s email address one week and one day before a scheduled appointment. If a patient has an appointment on Thursday, March 14, they would receive a reminder on March 7 and again on March 13.

A practice administrator can control whether your entire practice opts in or out of patient appointment reminders. You can enable the setting as a practice by toggling the Enable appointment reminders for your practice button to On, and then decide which providers in the practice will initiate the email appointment reminders for patients using the checkboxes next to the provider’s name. Turning appointment reminders on will set all patient preferences for email appointment reminders to On by default. Reminders can be turned off for specific patients from the patient’s Profile.

Appointment status emails (eg cancellations, changes or proposal to appointment times and confirmation of appointments) may be sent even if appointment reminders are turned off.

Appointment requests, reschedule and cancellation confirmations
If a patient requests an appointment through your practice's online booking page at www.patientfusion.com, they will receive an email notifying them whether the request was confirmed, denied or rescheduled as soon as your practice processes the request. This is sent to the email address the patient enters when requesting the appointment, which may be different than the email address in their chart.

PHR enrollment
Once you grant a patient access to their health records (PHR), they will receive an enrollment email. Patients may also receive a follow-up reminder message if they are given access to their records but have not yet completed enrollment.

To allow users in your practice to enroll patients, administrators can navigate to their EHR Settings and select Patient communications. Select the PHR Invite tab and check the Manage Patient Access to Patient Fusion (PHR) box to enable the permission for providers.

Practice administrators or individual providers can also enable auto-invite, which will automatically invite patients to enroll in patient portal account. Patient portal (PHR) auto-invite emails will be sent for both signed and unsigned encounters.

  • Signed Encounters: Patient portal invitations will be sent shortly after signing an encounter
  • Unsigned Encounters: Patient portal invitations will be sent 30 days after the date of the visit

For more information on Patient Portal (PHR) auto invite, please visit our post here.

PHR engagement
Messages may be sent to notify patients of new tools available through their Patient Fusion PHR, such as requesting appointments online, new messages from your provider, and additional PHR features as they're made available.

Practice-initiated emails
If you wish to use patient emails for your own manual patient communication via your own email service, you can learn how to export your patient emails in our post here.


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