How to record and print patient demographics and profile

Recording demographics
Patient demographics cannot be recorded within a specific encounter note. To add an individual patient's demographics, go to the Charts section and select the patient. Within the patient's chart, select the Profile tab.  

Within the Profile, you can record the following information:
  • Free-text notes
  • Patient information - Name, preferred name, previous name, sex, date of birth and death, SSN, and record number. Use the Add more information link next to the section header to add date of death, preferred name, and previous name to the profile display. Note: Opting to remove these fields after data has been entered will permanently remove the data from the patient’s chart.
  • Contact information - Phone number(s), email address, preferred communication method, address, and appointment reminder preferences
  • Payment information - Payment preference, payer details, and guarantor details
  • Prescription settings - Select the patient's preferred pharmacy that will auto-populate when sending e-prescriptions and set prescription history retrieval settings
  • Preferred language - Search and select from a pre-populated list or indicate that the patient declined to specify. If left unanswered, the field will default to Provider did not ask.
  • Ethnicity/Race - Search for and select the patient’s ethnicity, then click Add. Race(s) will be selected automatically based on one or more chosen ethnicities. You may also select additional races or indicate that the patient declines to specify. If left unanswered, the field will default to Provider did not ask.
  • Care teams - Name, contact information, specialty, and relationship to patient
  • Next of kin - Name, relation to patient, phone number, and address
  • Family information - Patient’s mother’s maiden name
  • Additional settings - Immunization registry uploads settings
The Notes section along the right side of the Profile can be used to document additional patient information. As you scroll down or up within the Profile, these notes will remain visible for reference. This section has a character limit of 500 characters.

Be sure to click Save to save your changes to the patient demographics and profile. 

Printing demographic information
You can select to print only the patient demographics or multiple portions of the patient's chart simultaneously:
1. Click Actions in the top-right corner of the patient's chart.
2. Select Print patient chart.

3. From the Print patient chart window, check/uncheck certain portions of the chart to print. Be sure to select the Patient demographics box to include information entered in the patient's Profile. To print insurance information, check the Patient Insurance box. Then click Print.
You can also import basic patient demographics by following the instructions outlined in the articles below:


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