Online Appointment Booking Page FAQ

Getting started

How do I get started with my online appointment booking page?

To get started, you’ll want to ensure that your profile contains up-to-date information. Click Settings in the top right-hand corner of your Practice Fusion account and select Users. Click your name and document the most up-to-date information in the Profile and Online profile and appointment booking sections.


Who can edit profiles?

Any user will have the ability to edit their own profile information. Additionally, an administrator can edit all profiles within the practice.

How do I access my online booking page?

Phys./MD/DO and NP/PA-edit level providers who are eRx-enabled or who have completed our identity verification process and have turned on their Online profile status may view their Online Patient Fusion Profile link from within their user settings. Click Settings in the top-right corner and select Users. Select the provider's name, then click on the URL next to View your online profile. For detailed instructions on how to request an Online Profile, please see: How do I get a Patient Fusion Online Scheduling Profile?

How can I share my online booking page with my patients?

If you have turned on your Online Profile, it is accessible to patients at

How do I disable my online booking page?

To disable your online booking page, click Settings and select Users. Select your name from the Users list, and toggle the Online profile status to Off. Then, click Save. For more information, please see: How do I turn off my Online Profile or Online Appoinment Booking?

Appointment requests

What does the appointment request process look like for the patient?

Please see: How can a patient book an appointment online?

How can I submit a test appointment request?

Submitting a test request only takes a minute:

  • Go to your Patient Fusion Online Profile by clicking Settings --> Users and selecting your name. Click the URL listed next to View your Online Patient Fusion Profile.

  • From your Online Profile, select any appointment time.

  • Fill out your name, email address and other information, then submit your test request.

  • Go to Schedule --> Appointment requests in your EHR, fill out the required fields, then Approve or Deny the request.

How can a patient modify or cancel an appointment request?

Patients have the ability to reschedule or cancel their appointments through their Patient Fusion account. They can do this from the Appointments section in the patient portal account by selecting either cancel  or reschedule and following the prompts.  For more information on how to process these requests, please click here.

Do I have to have an online booking page for my patients to request reschedule or cancel through the patient portal?

No, your patients can request new appointments or request to reschedule or cancel their appointment through their patient portals even if you do not have an Online Profile.

Alternatively, if you do have an Online Profile but wish to disable it, you can disable your Online Profile but continue to allow patients to book appointments through their patient portal. If the 'Enable online appointment booking' box remains checked, patients will still be able to request new appointments or reschedule/cancel existing appointments from within their patient portals. To disable this function as well, be sure to also uncheck this box.

How far in advance will a patient have the ability to request an appointment?

Appointments can be requested up to 14 weeks in advance.

I will not be accepting new patients. Can I limit appointment requests to my existing patients?

Yes. In the Online profile and appointment booking section of your user settings, you will see a checkbox that indicates whether or not you are accepting new patients. If you uncheck this box, only your existing patients will be able to request appointments. Check that box to allow new patients to request appointments.

What information can I change in the appointment request I receive?

You are able to change the date, facility, time of the appointment, appointment type and duration. At this time you cannot change the provider the appointment is booked with.

What if I need to change something that I am not able to edit?

You will need to deny the appointment request and contact the patient to reschedule.

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