How do I sign up for eRx or EPCS if I have a credit freeze?

Note: Access to the EHR features described in this article may differ for practices who have already purchased a Practice Fusion EHR subscription plan. Please contact Practice Fusion Customer Service for additional information.

e-Prescribing and EPCS are highly regulated clinical processes and as a result, it is necessary to include security protocols to ensure that the services are only accessed by appropriately credentialed medication professionals. Norton Symantec identity verification is a secure service to help authenticate the identity of every client who prescribes through Practice Fusion. To be clear, this is an identity check, and not a credit check. This information is only used to verify your identity and will not be stored by Practice Fusion.

You will not be able to complete Norton Symantec identity verification for e-prescribing or EPCS activation if you have a freeze on your credit until you have entered your personal identification number (PIN) on the Experian website. If you believe you have a credit freeze, visit the Experian Consumer Assistance page here and follow their instructions to temporarily or permanently lift your credit freeze.

Once you have lifted your freeze, you may attempt eRx or EPCS activation again in Practice Fusion. Please note that it may take time for Experian to sync the credit changes with Symantec before you can complete the identity verification process again.

Practice Fusion does not have insight into your credit freeze or the PIN process. If you need assistance, please contact your credit bureau, Experian’s national support center at, or call the NCAC at 1-855-246-9409 before attempting the eRx or EPCS activation process again. You will need a copy of your credit report to do this.

In an effort to protect the integrity and security of the e-prescribing platform and of your identity, we are not currently able to offer a solution for users with fraud alerts or victim statements on their credit. If you believe this is the case, please contact Experian for further assistance.


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