What if a patient receives an access error when viewing their patient portal?

If patient portal access has been revoked by your practice, your patient will encounter an error stating: "Ask your doctor to provide access to your health records."

In order to provide access to a patient with revoked access, you'll need to re-grant your patient access to their patient portal. You can re-enroll patients from two places within the patient's chart:

  • Patient chart header
  • The Actions drop-down menu

From the Patient portal status button at the top of the patient's chart.

From the Actions drop down:

1. Within the patient's chart, click the Actions button.

2. Select Invite to patient portal.

If a patient has reported the error message above, their account status should state "Access revoked" (see below). The email and phone number will auto-fill from the patients demographics, but you may edit or change these if needed. When ready to invite, click Invite to patient portal.

You will be prompted to confirm the invite, make sure all the information is correct and click Invite.

A registration will be generated for the patient. They'll then need to re-verify their identity and set up their patient portal account, as their access was revoked.

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