How do I create a specimen label for my lab order?

Enable specimen label printing

If your practice will be printing specimen labels in-house, you’ll first need to enable this setting in your EHR. To do so, log in as an administrator and navigate to your EHR Settings.

Select Lab ordering specimen collection settings under Labs and Imaging.

Click the icon next to My practice collects specimens on site. A drop-down will appear, allowing you to specify your label type. Note: In order to utilize Dymo specimen label printing, you must update your Dymo software to version 8.5.3 or higher.

Click Save to save your changes.

Labcorp Specimen Labels

If you are connected with Labcorp and will be printing specimen labels, select either LabCorp 8-label paper (recommended) or Avery 5434.

  • LabCorp 8-label paper is an 8.5 x 11" sheet of paper with allocated specimen labels that you may request from your LabCorp representative. This special sheet with incorporated labels enables you to print order requisitions and specimen labels in one easy step.

  • Avery 5434 is a secondary, LabCorp-approved option to print specimen labels. You may order Avery 5434 label sheets from any office supply store. You'll need to adjust your printer to accommodate the 4x6" paper size for this Avery label type.

Quest Specimen Labels

If you are connected with Quest and will be printing specimen labels, select either Dymo 450, Basic Avery or Quest Standard.

  • Quest Standard is a specimen label type that you may request from your Quest representative.

  • Dymo 450 and Basic Avery are secondary, Quest-approved options to print specimen labels (Note: In order to utilize Dymo specimen label printing, you must update your Dymo software to version 8.5.3 or higher.)

Install Dymo drivers for specimen label printing

If your practice is using a Dymo printer, there are a few additional steps you’ll need to take. Please note that you’ll need to repeat these steps for each computer you are using to print specimen labels.

To install necessary drivers, please first visit the Dymo support website and select your applicable product. Ensure that you are using version 8.5.3 or higher.

Once installed, restart your browser. 

Please note that the Dymo printer works best when using Firefox as your web browser. If you are using Google Chrome as your browser and experiencing issues with printing from Dymo, please take the following steps:

1. Ensure that you have the latest version of the Dymo software installed. To check for the latest version, you can visit the Dymo website here

2. Confirm in your Settings under Lab ordering specimen collection settings that you have selected "My practice collects specimens on site" and that Dymo 450 is set as your default printer.

3. Confirm that Google Chrome is your default browser: in your Chrome settings under "Default Browser," click "Make Google Chrome the default browser"

4. From your desktop, click on the upward arrow in the lower right of your toolbar to show hidden icons, then right click on the Dymo Label Web Service icon and select "Diagnose."

5. In the subsequent message box, click "Yes."

6. A page will open in your Chrome browser that shows a privacy error. Click on the "Show Advanced" button and then click on "Proceed to localhost" when the advanced options expand.

Once you have clicked "Proceed to localhost" a success message will be displayed to confirm that your Dymo Label Web Service is up and running. Once that confirmation displays, you should be able to print Dymo labels in Google Chrome without issue.

Printing specimen labels

Once you've enabled specimen collection for your practice, creating a label becomes part of your ordering process. To begin creating an order, select Add Lab Order from the Actions drop down within a patient’s chart. For more information on how to use the Lab Order functionality, please see: How do I use Add Order for Labs/Imaging?

When completing your lab order, you will have the option to add a specimen for collection for each test.

Input a specimen number, type, collection date/time, and any applicable specimen notes. For each specimen that you create in the Lab Order, you will be able to print a specimen label.

To print the specimen labels, select Specimen Labels or Labels from the left hand side of the order summary. This will then display the information to print, and you can select Print labels in the bottom right corner.

Note: If you do not see the option to print these labels when ordering a lab, the setting has likely not been enabled by an admin in your practice. Please see above for steps to enable specimen label printing.

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