What if I fail e-Prescribing (eRx) verification?

Note: Access to the EHR features described in this article may differ for practices who have already purchased a Practice Fusion EHR subscription plan. Please contact Practice Fusion Customer Service for additional information.

There are two sections of the e-prescribing (eRx) verification process that will need to be confirmed prior to becoming enabled:

  • Personal identity
  • Medical credentials

Personal Identity Verification
If you are unable to pass the identity verification process, a message will display indicating that the number of allowable attempts has been reached and you will need to try again later.

If you encounter this message, please review the suggestions below:

  • Confirm that the person attempting to sign up for eRx is completing verification using their own Practice Fusion login email address.
  • Request a current copy of your credit report to assist with answering the identity verification questions.
  • Enter the legal name listed on your government-issued ID.
  • If your name has changed in the past six months, use your previous name.
  • Enter your home address exactly how it appears in your credit report, without any additional spaces or characters.
  • You must use a personal credit card, and not a debit or corporate card number. Ensure this credit card is a frequently-used credit card with a billing address that matches your home address. Your credit card will not be charged and will not be saved.
  • If you have a freeze, fraud alert, or victim statement on your credit, please contact Experian.

Medical credential verification
After completing Norton Symantec identity verification, your medical credentials will be reviewed. If you have received a notification from our Customer Service team indicating that your credentials could not be verified, this may be due to the following reasons:

  • The person attempting to sign up for eRx is completing the verification process under the incorrect Practice Fusion login email address.
  • You have entered invalid medical credentials.
  • Your state does not permit e-prescribing for your specialty.
  • You do not have sufficient credentials to e-prescribe.
  • Other restrictions may apply.


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