How do I create Patient Intake (Online Check-In) Templates?

Creating Intake Templates

1. Click Settings and select Intake Templates

2. Click Create Template

3. Name your new template

Add Pre-Built or Custom Questions


1.Click on a particular question from Practice Fusion’s Pre-Built menu and drag and drop into the form under Drop a question here

Note: Pre-Built questions cannot be edited


1. Create a custom question by dragging the question type into the form on the right (you can reuse question types multiple times)

2. Click Edit question

3. Type your question in the Question text field

4. For drop-down, radio button, and check-box questions, enter the multiple answers in the Answer Options field (enter each value on a separate line)

5. Click Save question

6. Click Save in the upper-right corner

Making a Copy

This allows providers to make a copy of an existing template. You may then add additional questions or make edits. Click the orange down arrow and select Make a copy to name and make a separate copy of the template. Since you are not able to edit templates created by other Practice Fusion users, making a copy allows you to make an editable template.

Previewing Templates

See a preview of a template as your patients will see it:

1. Select the template from your Patient Intake template library

2. Click Preview in the upper-right corner

Sharing Templates

Sharing templates automatically saves the template and shares it with all Practice Fusion users

1. Select the template from your template library

2. Click Share in the upper-right corner

Activating a Template

Activating a template indicates which template will be included in appointment emails. Each provider in the practice who has enabled Patient Intake will select their own active template. Only one template can be active per provider. A template created by Practice Fusion has been set as active by default.

1. Select the template from your Patient intake template library

2. Check the box to Set as active intake for confirmed appointments

3. Click Save

Deleting a Template

You have the ability to create any template that you have created. Any template in your Patient intake template library created by another Practice Fusion user cannot be deleted.

1. Within your Patient intake template library, check the box next to the templates you plan to delete

2. Click the orange drop-down arrow and click Delete


Can I re-order the questions within my templates?

Yes, all questions can be dragged and dropped within the form to change the order in which they are presented. Please note that the drag and drop feature is not available on the iPad at this point in time.

Can I have multiple templates active for different appointment types?

No, at this time only one template can be active per provider at a time.

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