How does a patient fill out the Patient Intake (Online Check-In) Form?

Using our Online Check-In service, patients can complete intake forms prior to arriving at your office.Your patient will need a scheduled appointment and a valid email address in order to receive the Online Check-In form. Forms are delivered via the Appointment Confirmation and Appointment Reminder emails (Appointment reminders are sent one week before and the day before a scheduled appointment). Note: A patient does not need to be previously enrolled in the Patient Portal in order to receive or complete the Online Check-In form

Completing the Online Check-In Form

Within the appointment email, the patient may click “Start your Check-In.” This will direct the patient to the Patient Portal login page.

From here, they have two options:

  1. If they already have a Patient Portal account, they can log in using their patient portal credentials
  2. If they don’t have a Patient Portal account, they will need to click “Create Account”

Filling out the Form

Once logged in, the patient can complete each question and click Continue. If at any point, they’d like to review their answers, skip to a different question or save their form for later, they may click See all questions.


They can then click Edit answer to complete a different question or select Save and submit later to save their form without submitting.

Tip: If they’re unable to find the search result when typing their answer, they may click ‘Enter’ on their keyboard or mobile device. Clicking ‘Enter’ will add the free text entry as their answer for that question.

Saving the Form for Later

If they’d like to complete the form at a later time, the patient can click Save and submit later. 

To access the form again, they will need to log in to their Patient Portal account (, click the Appointments section. The link to complete the form will be listed below their appointment time.

Submitting the Form

The patient must click Submit within the Online Check-In Form to transmit their form to your EHR. 

Note: Once the patient has submitted their Online Check-In Form, they cannot update their answers. However, they can review their answers by logging into their Patient Portal account, navigating to the 'Appointments' section and selecting 'Review Intake.'

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