How do I process Patient Intake (Online Check-In) Forms?

Patients can complete custom intake forms before the visit through the appointment reminder email or Patient Fusion account. Best of all, there’s no need to manually enter the form’s responses into your EHR — the information will flow directly into the patient’s chart note.

The information submitted through Patient Intake (Online Check-in) will flow into the EHR through to your Tasks and Encounters.

Checking patient demographic and insurance updates in Tasks

When a patient has provided demographic and/or insurance information on the Patient Intake (Online Check-In) form, unassigned tasks will be created to help you identify this new information. These tasks will be labeled 'patient demographic updates', and 'patient insurance updates.' 

1. Patient demographic information includes details about:

  • preferred language
  • ethnicity
  • race

2. Patient insurance information includes details about:

  • insurance payer name
  • plan name
  • plan type
  • ID number
  • effective date

Note: The demographic and payer information tasks will only be generated if you have utilized the Practice Fusion pre-built questions in your intake template. Information gathered from custom-built questions will not be shown in Tasks.

1. To see these updates, go to your All Tasks tab within your Tasks section. Select either Patient demographic updates or Patient insurance updates from the Task type filter. 

2. Click Review to open the task. You will be taken to the patient’s Profile tab within their chart.

3. At the top of the Profile section, you will see a purple banner informing you that there is new patient information available from the Patient Portal. Click on the down arrow to see the new information submitted by the patient.

4. After reviewing the new information, click Update in chart to save the new information in its respective section in the chart, or click Reject to disregard the new information. Both actions will remove this task from your Tasks list.

5. Repeat these steps to review additional updates to patient demographics or insurance information. 

Checking other patient information updates in Encounters

With the exception of demographic and insurance information, all answers submitted via Patient Intake will appear in the Subjective section of the patient’s encounter note.

1. Go to the Schedule section and open the Appointments tab. 

2. Adjust the status of the appointment from Pending to Arrived.

Note: The appointment status must be adjusted to Arrived in order for the patient’s answers to display in their encounter.

3. Click on the View Encounter to view the auto-generated encounter.

4. Scroll down to the Subjective portion of the note to view the patient's intake information. 

Viewing history of Patient Intake information

To review the intake form within a chart, navigate to the patient's Timeline tab and adjust the drop-down filter to Patient Intake. All information submitted in the patient intake will be available here, including:

  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Symptoms
  • Custom questions
  • Signed documents
  • Smoking status
  • Contact information
  • Emergency contact information
  • Patient personal information (i.e. DOB, sex)
  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Preferred language



Why don't the medications, allergies, and information from my custom questions flow into the patient's Summary?

With the exception of demographic information, insurance information, emergency contacts, and smoking status, all answers submitted via the patient intake will appear in the Subjective section of the patient’s encounter. Note that only the pre-built demographic and insurance forms will generate tasks.

What do we do if the patient is a no-show or cancels?

Depending on the type of information submitted, either a task will be generated or the information will display in the encounter.


Since the task is generated when the patient completes and submits the intake form, the Task will remain even if the appointment status is marked as No Show or Cancelled. You can determine if you would like to update the information, or to remove it.


No information from the intake form will flow into the Subjective portion of the encounter if you mark the appointment as No Show or Cancelled.

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