Does Practice Fusion work on Android devices?

You can access Practice Fusion on your Android tablet by navigating to and logging in with your normal login credentials. For a complete list of supported devices, operating systems, and browsers on Android tablets, please see our System Requirements

Tablet Selection and Browser Recommendations
For the best workflow, a tablet with a slightly larger screen will provide a better user experience. 

One of the Android devices they we highly recommend is the new Google Nexus 9 running the latest version of Android 5 operating system called Lollipop. It's currently the best experience you can get for an Android device, lightweight, and an optimal screen size for the updated design of our web based EHR. The additional benefit is that the Google Nexus 9 uses Google Chrome as a web browser.

We test the web EHR on both Android and Apple tablet devices internally with their respective browsers, Google Chrome on Android or Mobile Safari for iOS. We've added several optimizations and fixes for tablets including an improved "click to activate" left hand menu.

We recommend using the EHR in portrait orientation which provides vertical space for soft keyboard activation on the screen during data entry. You'll find the optimal workflow to deactivate the soft keyboard if needed using the triangle in the Android black menu navigation at the bottom of the screen, on left.

Additionally, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is also a great tablet and provides the additional advantage of an attached keyboard, stylus, and a larger 12" screen. 

Browser Support
You may wish to use an unsupported browser; however, we cannot guarantee that you will have the expected experience on that browser. For a list of supported browsers, please visit our System Requirements page.

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