How do I create custom reminder tasks?

You can create custom reminder tasks within:

  • The Tasks section

  • A patient’s chart via the Actions drop-down menu

  • The Messages section via the Actions drop-down menu

  • The Documents section via the Actions drop-down menu

Creating a new reminder task from Tasks

1. From your Tasks section, click the New Task button.


2. Enter the required Details. You can assign the task to yourself or to another user in your practice and specify the patient. This information will be shown in your tasks list.

3. Assign a Reminder Date by (1) manually typing a date, (2) selecting a date using the calendar icon, or (3) selecting a preset date button.

Note: If you do not select a date, the Reminder Date will automatically default to the date the task is created.

4. Once you have created the task, click Save.

Viewing and processing a reminder task

Once a custom reminder task has been generated, the assignee can locate it within the All Tasks or My Tasks tabs. You may also customize your Tasks display to create a specific tab for reminder tasks. For more information, please see: How do I customize my Tasks section?

1. From your Task types filter, select Reminder tasks.


2. You can adjust the date range of reminders you would like to see by using the time filter (usually set to Current). To review only tasks that have a reminder date in the future, select Future from the drop-down choices.


3. Then to process the reminder task:

  • Click View to review the task

  • Click Edit to make changes or reassign the task to another practice member

  • Click Mark as complete to remove the task


For additional information, please see How do I use the Tasks section?

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