EHR update: April 9th, 2015 Release Notes

All new features and product upgrades are made exclusively in the new EHR, which will be available to all practices in the coming weeks.


New: Custom document types are now supported

  • Streamline your document management with customizable document types to better match your specialty and practice workflows.
  • Spend less time searching for documents with more accurate naming and identification.
  • New document types will be available for your entire practice, so there’s no need for re-entry.


Lab and Imaging updates:

  • Spend more time with patients and less time in your EHR with a new assignment menu that makes patient searching easier and more intuitive.
  • New patients can now be added from the results menu, meaning less clicks to assign a new patient and no need to change screens when reviewing lab and imaging results. 
  • When viewing results in your patient’s timeline, “Date Collected” and “Date Received” now display together so you have all relevant information in one place.
  • Your patient’s current diagnoses are now available instantly in your lab and imaging ordering details pane, including the option to add all diagnoses to speed up electronic ordering.   

Task updates:

  • Prepare for your week and stay organized with new filters and additional functionality in the tasks section of your EHR.
  • Tasks can now be filtered by “Reminder tasks” to easily review all custom reminders in one place.
  • All tasks (included system-generated) can now be edited and assigned a future date to better match your practice’s administrative schedule.  


Billing updates:

  • When adding insurance, the “Effective to” date can now be included to help identify patients whose insurance may be outdated or need to be updated.  


Resolved issues:

  • Bug fix: Insurance effective date now displays correctly on superbill print view.
  • Bug fix: Copay amount display issue fixed.
  • Bug fix: Unsubmitted superbill tasks are now created automatically when starting new encounters from the scheduler.
  • Bug fix: Prescriptions now display more accurate timestamp (instead of in UTC).
  • Saving contacts from the directory will now include their Direct address in your contact list.
  • Major improvements made to increase schedule performance and decrease load time. We will continue to optimize this process to ensure you’re spending more time with patients and never waiting on your EHR.

To keep track of upcoming bug fixes and known issues, please visit our Service Updates page and vote on any issues impacting your practice.


Practice Fusion’s EHR updates are driven by our community submissions and feedback from our practices.

Have an idea or new feature that would improve your experience? Let us know!

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