How do I create and edit lab or image order templates?

At any point during your lab or image ordering process, you may save your order as a template to easily use for future orders. With templates, you can:

  • Save frequently ordered tests such as A1C, CBC, etc.

  • Add diagnoses to your template for billing purposes, or associate frequently used diagnoses with your template

  • Create personal templates or share templates with your entire practice
  • Edit or delete existing templates

Selecting a template during the ordering process will automatically populate your order with associated diagnoses and tests for the lab or imaging center that you've selected. Please note that templates are lab-specific.

Templates can be created and edited from the the ordering workflow or from your practice settings.

Creating ordering templates during the ordering workflow

1. Within the ordering workflow, add the tests and diagnoses you would like included in the template.

2. Click the arrow next to the Save button and select Save as template.

3. Name your template. If you would like to share the template with your practice, toggle the box to Yes to Share with practice.

4. Click Save.

5. You can locate your template for future orders using the fly-out pane on the ordering screen.

Editing or deleting templates during the ordering workflow

You can make the following changes to your ordering template at any time:

  • Edit the template name

  • Add or remove diagnoses and tests

  • Share or hide the template from your practice

  • Delete the template

1. Select the Template tab from the fly-out details pane within the ordering workflow.

2. Click the pencil icon to the right of the template.

3. Complete any necessary edits.

4. Click Save. You may also delete the entire template or cancel your changes.

Note: If you are editing or deleting a template that has been shared with the practice, the changes will apply to the entire practice.

Updating ICD-9 codes to ICD-10 in a template
When using existing templates, Practice Fusion has made it easy to upgrade your old ICD-9 codes to ICD-10 quickly directly from your ordering workflow.

1. Click on the pencil icon to the right of the template name in the Templates panel.

2.  An alert will display next to any ICD-9 diagnoses. Search for a new diagnosis  or click on an outdated ICD-9 diagnosis to upgrade to ICD-10.

3. Select the most applicable ICD-10 code from the list of refined diagnoses. If needed, use the refine search to identify the correct ICD-10 codes.

4. Click Save once you have selected your new code. You will be taken back to your lab order, where you can add the updated template to your existing order.

Customizing templates within your EHR settings

Ordering templates may also be created and edited within your practice settings at any time.

1. Click Settings in the top-right corner and select Lab templates or Imaging templates.

2. You can review a list of your personal and practice ordering templates. You may also:

  • Click Add to create a new template

  • Click the template name to edit

  • Click the X icon to delete the template

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