EHR update: June 4th, 2015 Release Notes

New: Personalized chart views

Save time and increase efficiency by selecting which elements of your patient’s Summary and Encounter notes are displayed. This feature is available for each member of your practice, so that the EHR experience may be customized individually.

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New: Attach documents to electronic referrals

Our community voted and it’s here — documents and results can now be attached to your electronic patient referrals. This feature will be available to all practices in the coming weeks.

  • Easily attach patient consent forms, scanned office paperwork, and more.
  • Include lab and imaging result attachments received in your EHR.

Practice Fusion allows you to send or fax electronic referrals to any provider — regardless of their EHR platform. Click here to learn more »


Scheduling updates:

  • Scheduling settings across all Scheduler tabs are now saved per user, allowing you to navigate away, log out, and even access the EHR from different devices without losing your display settings.
  • Schedule faster with default appointment types for your practice, removing the need to find and select your most common appointment type.


Labs/Imaging updates:

The quick preview menu now includes detailed lab values from historical results allowing providers to quickly assess when follow-up tests should be included with new orders.

Ordering templates for labs and imaging can now be edited by selecting the icon in the templates window of your order for quicker access to template customization.

  • Lab and imaging templates can also be managed from the Settings menu under Labs and imaging.
  • Edit, delete, and share templates with your practice to speed up order entry with pre-populated fields.
  • Each template can include unique test and diagnosis combinations that are commonly ordered from your practice.
  • Templates are linked to their corresponding lab or imaging center.


Resolved issues:

  • Bug fix: Weekly date labels in Scheduler are now syncing correctly when jumping ahead to future dates.
  • Bug fix: Past dates can now be selected for the Superbills “Date Range End” field.
  • Bug fix: "Undo Ignore" for Medication reconciliation is now working.
  • Bug fix: Non-prescribing providers are now able to print failed e-prescriptions.
  • Print receipt is now available for all prescriptions.
  • Prescription quantity is now displayed as both a number and text during medication orders.
  • Appointment list printing enhanced to improve formatting, reduce extra space, and remove blank pages.

To keep track of upcoming bug fixes and known issues, please visit our Service Updates page and vote on any issues impacting your practice.


Practice Fusion’s EHR updates are driven by our community submissions and feedback from our practices.

Have an idea or new feature that would improve your experience? Let us know!

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