How do I set up a cancellation policy for my Online Booking Page?

Your account administrator can enable your practice’s cancellation policies, which determine when a patient can request to cancel an appointment and how you practice processes these requests.

To enable your cancellation approval and cancellation policies, select the Settings tab within your Scheduler.  

The Cancellation Approval Policy determines when your practice will require approval for cancellation requests. You can select from the following options:

  • Selecting Do not require approval for any cancellation requests will allow cancellation requests to be automatically approved. When a patient requests to cancel an appointment, it will automatically be removed from your schedule without any EHR user interaction.

  • If you select Require approval for all cancellation requests, any request to cancel an appointment will require approval.

  • Selecting Require approval for requests that fall within ___ calendar days will allow your practice to approve cancellation requests submitted within a certain time frame before the visit.

The Cancellation Policy dictates the messaging that your patient will receive when requesting to cancel an appointment. You can from one of the following:

  • If your practice has no cancellation policy, you can select Practice doesn’t have policy.

  • If your practice has a policy regarding how far in advance patients should request a cancellation, select Alert patients about possible charges for appointments cancelled within … number of calendar days. You can enter a time frame specific to your practice.

This setting can also be adjusted in the EHR Settings under Patient Communications, specifically under the Appointment reminders tab.


It is important to note your patients will still receive email notifications regarding appointment requests, reschedules, and cancellations, even if appointment reminders have been disabled.

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