EHR Update: September 3rd, 2015 Release Notes

Practice Fusion’s EHR updates are released over a two week period — see what’s coming next for your practice.


ICD-10 superbill now available for all practices

Health care providers across the country are getting ready for the ICD-10 switchover on October 1, 2015. With a nearly fivefold increase from 14,000 diagnosis codes to over 69,000 in ICD-10, you may not know where to start. That’s okay — we’re here to help you through the transition.

  • Search by diagnosis keyword, ICD-9, or ICD-10 codes to easily surface ICD-10 results.
  • Use our automated mapping to view ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes side-by-side to help guide you to the right codes.
  • Send ICD-10 ready superbills to your biller or an integrated billing solution.

Learn more about ICD-10 billing »


New: Patient Rx history report

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve made several improvements to the medication reconciliation workflow and are excited to announce the new Patient Rx history report. Your patient medication histories are now available from a dedicated report, and will no longer display as part of your tasks list. Learn more and save time with automatic Rx reconciliation »


Documents updates:

  • Streamline document management and patient charting by attaching clinical files directly to the patient's chart. Save time by uploading new documents or including existing files during your patient encounter.
  • Documents now include a preview icon () which will display image, text, and .pdf files within the EHR. This can be used to quickly preview and verify documents, referrals, and more without needing to download your documents first.
  • New patients can now be added from the Actions menu in the Documents section of your EHR to simplify new patient intake.


Scheduling updates:

As part of our update to your practice’s scheduler, you can now reduce missed appointments and spend less time on the phone by managing appointment changes right from your EHR.

  • Bidirectional appointment booking allows you to reduce missed appointments, better communicate with patients electronically, and maximize practice revenue with smarter scheduling tools.
  • Appointments on the scheduler can now be filtered by “Appointment Status” to identify Seen, In Lobby, Cancelled, No show and more.


Charting updates:

  • Charting templates can now be reordered by dragging and dropping them in the “Edit templates” pane.
  • Charting shortcuts and patient info now automatically display a selection prompt after beginning your shortcut ({, ., or ..)
  • Charting shortcuts can be chosen from the selection window using keyboard controls, the space bar, or hitting enter to add the template item.
  • Patient timelines will now remember your last visited page, reducing clicks required when navigating the EHR.
  • Printing patient charts is now easier with the addition of a Print Chart button that will allow you to selectively choose which information is printed.
  • Print visit summary can now be selected from the care plan, allowing a patient-friendly version of any clinical notes.


Tasks updates:

  • Additional filters for your Tasks timeline are now available to help sort and navigate outstanding tasks in your practice.
  • Many tasks can now be manually Marked as complete to help reduce task clutter.
  • For tips and tricks for managing your practice tasks, watch our new video guide »


Service and Support updates:

Our customer service team is focused on providing Phenomenal Support, and recently implemented a callback system to retain your spot in line and ensure you never have to wait on hold. Simply enter your phone number and a Customer Service representative will be with you as soon as they’re available (usually within five minutes).

To learn more about our ongoing commitment to provide Phenomenal Support, read a letter from our new VP of Customer Service and Support.


Resolved issues:

  • Quest lab orders no longer require SSN for electronic ordering.
  • Add Result is now available from the Actions menu on all Lab/Imaging orders.
  • Existing order numbers can now be added to manually entered lab and imaging results.
  • Both the Undo button and Ctrl+Z functions have been improved when charting an encounter.
  • Speed improvements have been made to the patient Timeline.
  • Online booking pages now sync more frequently with the EHR scheduler.
  • Bug fix: Hand-entered results will now display units of measure.
  • Bug fix: The superbill can now be completed after adding multiple procedures.
  • Bug fix: Deactivated appointment types no longer reactivate periodically.
  • Bug fix: Signed documents no longer remain on the tasks list.

For a full list of known issues and upcoming bug fixes, please visit our Service Updates page to vote on issues impacting your practice. Your feedback helps us prioritize EHR improvements.


Practice Fusion’s EHR updates are driven by our community submissions and feedback from our practices.

Have an idea or new feature that would improve your experience? Let us know!

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