Labs & Imaging

  1. How do I sign up for a lab integration?

  2. How do I add or create a lab order?

  3. How do I add ICD-10 diagnoses to lab and image orders?

  4. How do I create and edit lab or image order templates?

  5. How do I create a specimen label for my lab order?

  6. How do I view my lab results?

  7. Why can’t I sign my lab/imaging result?

  8. How do I sign a result and remove it from my Tasks List?

  9. How do I manually enter lab or imaging results?

  10. How can I connect to imaging centers?

  11. How do I create or add an imaging order?

  12. How can I share lab results with my patients?

  13. How do I suggest a lab or imaging center?

  14. Printing lab orders when insurance information unavailable

  15. How do I reassign/change a patient on a lab result?

  16. Why are lab results coming in "Unassigned?"

  17. What are the next steps once I am integrated with a lab or imaging center?

  18. How do I change the provider when recording a lab/imaging order?

  19. How do I assign a lab result to a patient?

  20. What is the status of my lab or imaging integration request?

  21. What is structured data or a structured result?

  22. How do I send a message from a lab result?

  23. How do I delete a lab order?

  24. How do I comment on a lab/imaging result?

  25. How do I correct the patient's name that lab misspelled?

  26. How do I order a medication from a lab result?

  27. How do I create custom lab test?

  28. How does a lab vendor sign up for the Labs API?

  29. We have only 1 provider in our office but lab results are coming in under different staff members names

  30. How can I print lab results?

  31. How do I delete a signed lab or encounter?

  32. How do I delete a lab result?

  33. Why are inactive providers in the Labs drop-down filter?

  34. How do I send several lab results simultaneously to a Patient Fusion (PHR) account?

  35. Has anyone successfully integrated a hospital lab with Practice Fusion?

  36. What do I do if my lab integration request was denied?

  37. How do I create a LabCorp order?

  38. How do I add labs to my EHR that are not bound for electronic orders (Universal Lab Ordering)?

  39. How do I create a Quest lab order?

  40. How do I choose the right lab observation for my flowsheet?

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