EHR Features

  1. How do I get started with Practice Fusion?

  2. How do I train my practice on the EHR?

  3. How do I schedule a new appointment?

  4. How do I upload documents?

  5. How do I update my appointment schedule?

  6. How can I customize my default appointment time and the appointment slots on my schedule?

  7. How do I schedule recurring appointments?

  8. How do I change appointment status in the scheduler?

  9. What is the appointment reminder process?

  10. What reports are available in the EHR?

  11. How do I send a referral?

  12. How do I export patient demographics from Practice Fusion to an Excel file?

  13. How do we integrate our product or service with Practice Fusion?

  14. How do I use the Patient Lists report?

  15. How can I access Practice Fusion on my tablet?

  16. How can I re-fax a failed fax referral?

  17. Do we receive a notification when a patient requests an appointment?

  18. Where can I change or add appointment types?

  19. How do I find a patient's past and future appointment?

  20. How do I create a block on the schedule?

  21. How is a patient notified of appointment status?

  22. Is scanning patient information into Practice Fusion legal?

  23. How do I create a custom Simple note?

  24. What is population health management?

  25. How do I run or export reports?

  26. How do I get an alphabetical list of patients?

  27. How do I add a new contact to my Directory?

  28. Using Voice Dictation on the iPad

  29. Where is Live Chat help?

  30. Practice Activity in the EHR for security audit

  31. How do I create a Help Ticket for the Customer Service team?

  32. How do I view and print my daily schedule?

  33. I customized all new colors for appointment types and now ALL my appointments are one color.

  34. How do I refer a colleague to Practice Fusion?

  35. How can we organize documents?

  36. Does Practice Fusion have the ability to import or export an HL7 file?

  37. How do I recover a deleted appointment?

  38. How do I color code the scheduler?

  39. What information will display when I print the Appointments sheet?

  40. How do I schedule time for non-provider staff?

  41. Why are my appointments missing?

  42. How can I hide inactive users in the Schedule?

  43. Why aren't patients receiving the email appointment reminders?

  44. What emails are sent to patients?

  45. How do you print a signed soap note?

  46. Is Practice Fusion secure?

  47. Can I generate a list of my specific patients?

  48. How do I delete or remove an uploaded document?

  49. What is the Family History section?

  50. How do I upload and reconcile clinical documents?

  51. Vaccination Clinical Decision Support Reminders

  52. How do I create referral templates?

  53. How do I use the Payer Report?

  54. How do I set durations for custom appointment types?

  55. How do I create custom document types?

  56. How do I delete custom document types?

  57. How do I add attachments to referral letters?

  58. What tools are available to track patients with overactive bladder (OAB)?

  59. How do I retrieve a referral if I don't have a Practice Fusion account?

  60. How can I use the Updox inbound fax feature with Practice Fusion?

  61. How can I track copays in the schedule?

  62. Is private training available?

  63. How do I use the help menu drop down?

  64. Can I use Dragon or other dictation software with Practice Fusion?

  65. What are appointment conflict notifications?

  66. How do I update an appointment's confirmation status in the schedule?

  67. What is the Prescription Report?

  68. How do I submit an idea?

  69. How do I use the Appointment report?

  70. How do I use the new Patient List Report?

  71. How do I batch export CCD files for a subset of my patients?

  72. How do I use pinned notes?

  73. How do I connect to NC HealthConnex HIE?

  74. How do I connect to Healthix Health Information Exchange?

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