Patient Fusion

  1. Using Patient Fusion to connect with and engage your patients

  2. How do I get a Patient Fusion Online Scheduling Profile?

  3. Online Appointment Booking Page FAQ

  4. Why don't I see my name in search results for Patient Fusion's Online Booking Page?

  5. What is Patient Fusion (patient portal)?

  6. How do I enable a patient in Patient Fusion (patient portal)?

  7. What information is shared in the patient portal (PHR)?

  8. How do I troubleshoot Patient Fusion login issues?

  9. How does patient portal auto-invite work?

  10. What is Patient Intake (Online Check-In)?

  11. Which users can invite patients to access the patient portal?

  12. How do I turn off my Online Profile or Online Appointment Booking?

  13. What screenings, interventions or assessments are shared with the patient?

  14. Where can I get the Online Patient Fusion Profile URL?

  15. How do I embed appointment booking on my website?

  16. How does a patient register for their Patient Fusion portal (PHR)?

  17. How can I help a patient troubleshoot patient portal login issues?

  18. I need help with the Patient Fusion portal

  19. How do I give a patient or their family/caregivers access to the patient portal?

  20. How do I revoke a patient's access to the Patient Portal?

  21. How can patients send a message to their provider?

  22. How soon will available appointments update on my Online Profile?

  23. How do I process patient appointment requests?

  24. What information can I share with patients from an encounter?

  25. What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

  26. How does my patient link their Patient Fusion account to an existing account?

  27. How do I disable auto-invite?

  28. What if a patient receives an access error when viewing their patient portal?

  29. What can I do if some patients are not receiving PHR enrollment emails?

  30. How do I create Patient Intake (Online Check-In) Templates?

  31. How do I process Patient Intake (Online Check-In) Forms?

  32. How do I set up a cancellation policy for my Online Booking Page?

  33. How can a patient book an appointment online?

  34. How does a patient fill out the Patient Intake (Online Check-In) Form?

  35. How do I process Online Appointment Booking reschedule and cancellation requests?

  36. What are the System Requirements for Patient Fusion?

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