1. How do I sign up for eRx (e-Prescribing)?

  2. How do I send an eRx (e-Prescription)?

  3. How do I process eRx (e-Prescribing) refill requests?

  4. How do I prescribe multiple medications in a single order?

  5. How do I search for a pharmacy or enter a preferred pharmacy?

  6. Why am I unable to send an eRx (e-Prescription)?

  7. What do eRx (e-Prescribing) error messages mean?

  8. Activating e-prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS): Step 1 of 2

  9. How do I send e-prescriptions (eRx) and approve refills for controlled substances?

  10. How do I enable and use prescription task delegation?

  11. How do I print and format prescriptions?

  12. What is the status of my eRx (e-Prescribing) request?

  13. Prescription Formulary FAQ's

  14. How do I edit my Drug-Drug and Drug-Allergy Interactions Settings?

  15. How do I add my NPI and DEA numbers to printed prescriptions?

  16. Can I be enabled for e-prescribing on two Practice Fusion accounts at the same time?

  17. How do I edit a refill sent by the pharmacy?

  18. Can I e-Prescribe through multiple eRx vendors?

  19. How do I add a pharmacy to the database?

  20. How can I discontinue a medication?

  21. How can you see the status of an eRx (e-Prescription)?

  22. How does I-STOP affect my practice and what is Practice Fusion doing to prepare for EPCS?

  23. How do I sign up for eRx or EPCS if I have a credit freeze?

  24. What does the eRx (e-Prescribing) "Pending" status mean?

  25. How do I disable my e-prescribing with Practice Fusion?

  26. How do I re-activate eRx (e-Prescribing)?

  27. How can I help a provider verify eRx (e-Prescribing) credentials?

  28. How can I disable refill requests?

  29. How do I update my phone or fax number for eRx (e-Prescribing)?

  30. Who can send an e-prescription?

  31. Why am I not receiving eRx (e-Prescribing) refills?

  32. What if I fail e-Prescribing (eRx) verification?

  33. Setting up EPCS e-signing permissions: Step 2 of 2

  34. How do I use eCoupons?

  35. How do I use ePrior Authorization?

  36. How do I print an e-Prescription receipt?

  37. How do I update the VIP Access application for EPCS?

  38. How do I use medication adherence?

  39. Why am I receiving an alert to update my medical license?

  40. How do I find less expensive, more convenient medication alternatives?

  41. What does it mean when a patient medication is no longer available?

  42. Ohio Prescription Instructions

  43. How does the Maine EPCS Opiates Mandate under L.D. 1646 affect my practice?

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