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    alexander falkovsky commented  · 

    Medication list improvements:

    1) ALL Branded meds MUST contain generic name in parenthesis. This would allow non-medically trained secretaries to update and reference the medication list properly. If a patient calls about their clopidogrel (as read from the bottle), the secretary should quickly be able to reference Plavix in the med list.

    2) If all branded medications are listed as generics too, then the system will have no trouble issuing WARNINGS when medication list contains multiple entries of the same medication. For example, if a patient gives the secretary an updated medication list, and she enters Clopidogrel in the chart where Plavix already exists, the system should give a warning, or display a reconciliation pop-up.

    3) Why oh WHY aren't medication dosages a separate and editable feature? Why is it that I need to DISCONTINUE Metoprolol 50mg, then ADD Metoprolol 25 in order to update the dosage, instead of simply clicking the medication and selecting the new dosage from the drop-down menu and pressing update? The system should then AUTOMATICALLY discontinue the former dosage (it should still be viewable on discontinued meds list, especially if previously prescribed) and list the new dosage on the medication list! Isn't that what computers are for, automaticity?

    4) The medication list must accurately reflect SCALED dosages of medication. For example if I start my patient off with 20mg Prednisone, then taper the dose down to 5mg over 10 days, the system MUST provide me with an ADVANCED MEDICATION ORDER screen to record this information! Otherwise, medication list looks like Prednisone 5mg start date xxx end date yyy and one literally has to click the order to see that at first the patient takes 4 pills, then 2, then finally 1. These should be externally visible. What if I send my abstract to another physician? They will be mislead as to what I am doing with the patient.

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