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    After consulting with our billing partners, we wanted to provide some additional context for why we are limiting each CPT line to 4 diagnosis codes:

    You may associate up to 4 diagnoses per CPT code in the Practice Fusion superbill. While the official CMS 1500 claim form that your biller creates allows for 12 diagnoses to be documented per claim, only 4 diagnosis pointers can be associated per CPT code. To simplify and standardize the superbill process in Practice Fusion, we are limiting each CPT line to 4 diagnosis codes. Please note that the Practice Fusion superbill is not used as an electronic claim and can be adjusted to include diagnosis pointers and additional diagnoses after it has been submitted to your billing system for review.

    You can read more about superbills here: http://knowledgebase.practicefusion.com/knowledgebase/articles/483043-how-do-i-create-a-superbill

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    Dr RONALD FISCELLA commented  · 

    For multiple insurance incentive programs, we are needing to be able to have up to 12 dx codes added per CPT used.
    We have tried the suggestion stating previously, but this did not work out as all claims were rejected that we did this for.
    At this point we are having to bring the patient back in order to comply with requirements for the insurance companies and yearly treatments/documentation for patients with multiple chronic conditions.

    Dr RONALD FISCELLA supported this idea  · 

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